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Sport Management Alliance

an award-winning organization at BGSU


Sport Management Alliance

an award-winning organization at BGSU

join the 2018-19 executive board

Applications are now open for next year's Executive Board! We are looking for skilled applicants to fill several positions (see below), and for the first time we are opening the President and Vice President positions to all members

Check your emails or follow the links below for applications.

President Application

Executive Board Application

Positions need filled: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Travel Coordinator, Director of Marketing, Director of Professional Development, Director of Events, Assistant Travel Coordinator, Director of Member Experience. (see Get Involved page for position descriptions)

NEW TO THE 2018-19 EXECUTIVE BOARD: Director of Member Experience

The Director of Member Experience is a new position that will replace the old Director of Community Relations. This new position will direct a committee with the focus of creating a social environment within the organization by creating social events, interactive meeting formats, and boosting the overall social atmosphere of SMA.

APPLICATIONS DUE MARCH 12 (president), march 16 (others) by 5 pm


Mission Statement

The Sport Management Alliance is a student-run organization committed to providing its members with professional experiences, network connections, and the skill-set necessary to fill the future leadership roles in the sport industry.

"Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome."

-Arthur Ashe



We are dedicated to building the leaders of tomorrow through elected positions, volunteer experience, and event creation.


We are dedicated to building the leaders of tomorrow through elected positions, volunteer experience, and event creation.

2017-18 executive board

Brian Lobban


Brian is a third-year student minoring in general business from Medina, OH. Brian looks forward to leading SMA as its 10th president and hopes to keep the organization award-winning. Besides SMA, Brian works as a manager in the BGSU Ticket Office. This summer, he held an internship with the Akron RubberDucks minor-league baseball team. Brian roots for Cleveland sports, but especially the Indians.

Angeline Seames

Director of Events

Angie is a third-year student minoring in marketing, from Geneva, OH. When she graduates, Angie aspires to work in college sports and lead a Division-I program as Athletic Director. This year, she looks to repeat the success of the Women's Leadership in Sports Forum for a second year. Angie roots for all things Cleveland, but especially the Indians.

Cameron Podolski

Director of Marketing

Cam is a second-year transfer student at BGSU minoring in marketing. He is from Macomb, MI and is interned with the University of Michigan ticket office this past summer. Cam is still exploring his options for beyond college. This year, he will spread and expand the brand of SMA with his committee. Cam roots for all major teams from the Mitten-state whose colors are not green and white.

Alexis Schmidt

Assistant Travel Coordinator

Alexis is a third-year student reprising her role as the Assistant Travel Coordinator. She is minoring in entrepreneurship and is from Rochester, NY. After graduation, Alexis wants to work in Community Relations, especially in basketball. Besides SMA, Alexis holds a leadership role in her sorority. This year, she looks to organize crucial networking trips and Mega Events.

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Brian Blake

Vice President

Brian is a third-year student from Chagrin Falls, OH. He is minoring in pre-law studies. Beyond college, Brian wants to work in community relations and expand on non-profit aspects of a professional soccer team. This year, he looks to continually improve the sense of community and social aspects of the organization. His favorite sports team is the Cleveland Indians.

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Parker Brown


Parker is a second-year student at BGSU and is minoring in journalism. His hometown is San Rafael, CA, just outside San Francisco. He worked for a West Virginia single A baseball Pirates affiliate this summer, a spot earned at the Baseball Winter Meetings. When he graduates, Parker wants to join the front office of a minor league baseball team. His favorite sports team is the San Fransisco Giants.

Kyle Edmond

Director of Professional Development

Kyle is a second-year student minoring in journalism. His hometown is Tiffin, OH. After college, he wants to work in the NFL. This year, Kyle will be taking the lead on the annual Job Fair and other cornerstone professional events for SMA.  Kyle's favorite sports teams are the Cleveland Browns, Indians, Cavaliers, and the Nashville Predators. 

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Clay George

Assistant Treasurer

Clay is a first year student from Russia, OH. He is minoring in general business and is currently a Student Equipment Manager for both BGSU Baseball and Hockey. Clay wants to be an Athletic Director for either a Division-I program or a large high school. His favorite sports teams include the Cincinnati Reds, Bengals, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Ohio State.

Brett Gibbons


Brett is a third-year student minoring in pre-law from North Olmsted, OH. Beyond college, he strives to be a sport agent. He is currently organizing the inaugural Regional Business of Sport Conference with over 30 colleges this November and currently works with BGSU's football operations and compliance offices. Brett is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, the Cavaliers, and Ohio State football.

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Courtney Burson

Travel Coordinator

Courtney is a third-year student minoring in international business. She is from Grove City, OH and wants to work with USA Hockey after obtaining a Master's Degree in international sport business. This year, Courtney is working on many trips for SMA and has internships with Falcon Sports Properties and the BGSU ticket office. Her favorite team is the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Nick Ocampo

Director of Community Relations

Nick is a second-year student at BGSU minoring in marketing. His hometown is Easton, PA. After college, Nick wants to work in college athletics and is currently interning with BGSU Athletics Marketing and Promotions. This year, he will continue being the forefront of SMA's connection with the Bowling Green  community. His favorite sports team is the Philadelphia Eagles.

Our Executive Board is selected annually through application and interview. We select individuals with outstanding leadership qualities who are dedicated to driving the organization forward. Members are encouraged to get involved as leaders as early as possible.


frequently asked questions

Q: Do I have to be a Sport Management Major to be a part of the Sport Management Alliance?

A: Nope! Anyone who is interested in a career in sports should consider joining SMA. This past year, besides Sport Management, we had members who majored in General Business, Statistics, and Marketing.

Q: What happens if I don't pay my dues?

A: Members may not travel or apply for positions if they have not paid the annual dues. You'll certainly miss out on the great opportunities offered through SMA.

Q: Who has the opportunity to attend Mega Events and Networking Trips?

A: The answer is anyone! All members are encouraged to apply for Mega Events and attend Networking Trips. Members who are active and show a passion and drive to their future career and our organization have the best chance of being selected to attend. Check out our Events and Travel pages for details about how many members have attended different Events.

Q: Who has the opportunity to serve on the Executive Board? Is it just upperclassmen?

A: Everyone has an opportunity to apply for the Executive Board. The most involved, qualified, and leader-ready individuals are chosen from the field of candidates, but we want to ensure these are our best representatives, so there is no restriction on who can apply. The 2016-17 Executive Board was made up of 2 seniors, 5 juniors, and 6 sophomores. The current 2017-18 roster is made up of 2 seniors, 6 juniors, and 4 sophomores. All members may submit applications for the Executive Board when they are available each February and March.

Q: Do I have to attend the monthly meetings?

A: Attendance at our monthly meetings is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory (we understand life gets in the way). However, we always bring in great speakers, who can be your connection into the industry; share details on our exciting upcoming events; and serve pizza– so you definitely do not want to miss out.